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Air Conditioning Refills

We can re-gas your air conditioning system. Your air conditioning needs to be maintained, and the most common cause of failure of the system is loss of pressure. Let us re-gas and check your system for your ongoing comfort. It’s a FREE test!




Your tyres can be regarded as the most important part of your car. They are what connects you to the road and good tyres are essential to safety and economy. We will ensure you are fully equipped with the best local prices!




Valet service inside and out. Your car will look like new after we have put it through our deep clean. We get to every last nook and cranny, and apply the best wax polish available, with a premium hand finish, giving the paintwork a deep and lasting shine.



Smart repair

Do you have a minor scratch or dent? We may be able to repair this very efficiently and quickly. We can also repair and revive interior blemishes on leather, cloth seats and plastic surfaces. Please call and ask.



Alloy wheels

Have your alloy wheels renovated. Whether it’s just a minor curbing on the rim, or corrosion, we can restore them to a factory finish so that they look like new. Ask us for a quote..




A29 Bury Gate, Bury,
Near Pulborough,
West Sussex
RH20 1NN

Contact details

Telephone 01798 831815
Fax 01798 831240
Email john@jmwadey.co.uk



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